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Alicja Jaromirska

Alicja Jaromirska

Architectural Assistant
First Class Degree in BA Architecture

Alicja joined the Hereford studio as a Part I architectural assistant in 2020 after completing her undergraduate studies. Her passion for architecture started with an interest in art and design.

Through drawing, painting, and other media, Alicja developed her style of architectural communication. During her undergraduate studies, Alicja has developed interests in materiality, atmosphere and construction of projects.

At Architype, Alicja is using her understanding of sustainable, community, and context-led design to assist with various scale residential projects.


Alicja completed her Part I in Architecture at the Oxford School of Architecture, graduating in 2020 with a distinction. During her final year of undergraduate studies Alicja focused on investigating how a city is shaped by its residents, and how the residents are impacted by the spaces and places around them. For her final project, a masterplan in Newcross, London, she was nominated for a RIBA Bronze Medal.