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Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall

Architectural Assistant & Passivhaus Designer
MA (Hons), BA (Hons), MArch (Hons)

Rebecca is a Part II architectural assistant who joined Architype’s London studio in 2020. She has previous experience in new build, low energy retrofit and Passivhaus modelling and has worked on a number of residential projects at varying scales within both rural and urban settings.

Since joining Architype, Rebecca has been closely involved in the development of a Passivhaus primary school in Wolverhampton. Her previous experience of working on low energy retrofit projects within constricted urban sites has given her a solid foundation in Passivhaus-informed energy strategies and the complex spatial planning required to reconfigure old buildings for a new generation.

Rebecca takes a keen interest in the natural world, often finding lessons for design within organic systems and structures which are inherently both beautiful and functional. During her undergraduate studies she explored aspects of biophilic design in her final year project which was shortlisted for Future Architect of the Year at the 2016 Manchester Architects Awards.


Rebecca completed her undergraduate studies at the Manchester School of Architecture in 2016, graduating with first class honours. Following 18 months of working in practice she went on to complete her MArch (RIBA part II) at the University of Bath in 2019 and qualified as a Certified Passivhaus Designer in the same year

Prior to embarking on her architectural studies, Rebecca graduated with a Master of Arts degree in French and History of Art from the University of Edinburgh, a formative experience which included a year of study at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. During this time, she studied additional modules in the history of architecture, a keen interest which led to her architectural career. Rebecca is currently working towards her RIBA Part III professional exams at the University of Cambridge.