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Stephanie Reid

Stephanie Reid

Architectural Assistant

Stephanie joined Architype as a Part I architectural assistant in 2020. While studying in Iceland, she was employed as an intern with a local practice, working on projects in Reykjavik that prioritised natural materials to provide a calming and healthy environment for occupants.

At Architype, Stephanie has worked on the Passivhaus Maybury primary school, researching how best to encourage independent learning through flexibility of space and furniture. Stephanie worked on the interior design team, conceptualising and later visualising a scheme which would suit the client’s unique, flexible pedagogical approach.


Stephanie studied for Part I of her architectural degree at the Glasgow School of Art where the climate crisis is a key focus in all areas of learning. During her third year of study at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, she volunteered as a tour guide with the National Trust for Scotland at the Tenement Museum, engaging visitors in the role the tenement building has played in Glasgow’s history.

During her studies, Stephanie spent a semester studying in Reykjavik at the Iceland University of the Arts. There she learned about the geothermal energy which powers the country, and the unique challenges which the extreme weather conditions create not just for architects, but for the other design disciplines she was able to collaborate with at the Art School.