33% of UK carbon emissions come from the built environment, but there is another way. Architype can help you to cut your embodied, operational and lifecycle carbon footprint, with a joined up approach that doesn’t cost the earth.


Eccolab® - The carbon, cost, collaboration tool

Architype is co-founder of Rapiere® and the ground breaking software, Eccolab. Eccolab is the only software on the market to quickly and simultaneously evaluate the cost, carbon and energy of a project’s lifecycle, as well as promoting the circular economy by evaluating waste streams and health and well being impacts.

Eccolab can rapidly analyse and optimise designs and quantify measured credits across multiple certification standards.

The tool allows clients to make informed decisions about how carbon efficient their building will be in operation; how high the carbon impact of the building will be following the build process and how the long-term and capital and lifecycle costs are effected by design decisions.

The tool works like g-docs so all members of the team can access one model and make intelligent decisions in unison through the power of the cloud.

Embodied Carbon Assessment

Embodied Carbon Assessments measure the carbon impact of the material footprint and construction process. Using in-house software, we are able to assess the impact of designs and make suggestions about how designs or materials can be substituted to reduce the footprint.

We can help clients to select materials and strategies that promote a cradle-to-cradle approach.

Lifecycle Carbon Assessment

Embodied Carbon is only one of two ways that a building consumes carbon. Operational carbon, i.e, the energy that a building consumes in occupation is also a significant contributor.

Architype can predict both the embodied and operational carbon emissions of a building up to 100 years. This information can be captured and used to improve the sustainable business case for a brief